A document of Elephant&Castle, 2006 - ongoing

Since 2006 Sajovic has been creating work in Elephant&Castle with people living and working in the area and through a number of collaborations with fellow artists. This work has been inspired by her relationship with the area into which she moved in 2001, where she still lives, and her interest to better understand the area that is vibrant, diverse and community minded. It has also been a response to knowing that regeneration is happening in the area and a concern about the impact this will have on the place. 

The aim of the long-term work is to create a document of the people and the place, since history can easily be rewritten and which can serve as a counter archive that resists that re-writting. The work is considered as a platform for people to represent themselves from. In the case of photo portraits (Home From Home) that is achieved through a close collaboration with the subject in creation of their portrait that incorporates a story they want to tell. In the case of public forms of assembly (Studio at The Elephant, Collecting Home, People's Bureau) this is by providing and hosting a space in which the subject to represent themselves, taking hold of their agency.

All of the work in the following galleries has been produced collaboratively and participatory, building on the capital (social, cultural and human) and diversity that exists in the area and through a dialogue between different communities and organisations, the university, the developer, the local council and individuals. This approach is based on the belief that dialogue to build bridges and convey voices between those involved in the regeneration process is a way forward.

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