Eva Sajovic’s solo exhibition Hanging by a Thread is an overview of her artistic and socially engaged work that she had created over the past five years, during which she has been primarily focusing on pressing environmental issues. The contemporary global society is confronted by ever-faster climate changes, which have direct as well as indirect consequences on the everyday lives of people, as they lead to migrations, ideological violence and changes in work patterns.

The exhibition Hanging by a Thread revolves around three ongoing works, which Sajovic has been developing since 2015 with various visual art, performative and educational approaches focused on the phenomena of increased climate instability and environmental initiatives linked to this: Ecology, Picturing Climate and All Rise for the Planet. Sajovic also created an entirely new artwork for her exhibition at the Božidar Jakac Art Museum, which is linked to the aspects of local ecology and cohabitation with the environment. In her work, the artist has been combining art, anthropology, independent reporting and ecology, with which she has been trying to draw attention to the unsustainability of the currently dominating principles of constant growth of production and consumption and the slump caused by the domination of economic interests over people and the environment. She created an environmental ‘site-specific’ installation, which presents socially engaged works in a completed body of works consisting of photographs, moving pictures and spatial installations.

The exhibition is a part of the international network project Overview Effect that, on the initiative of curators Zoran Erić (MSUB) and Blanca de la Torre, connects number of museums and institutions from all over the world in addressing connections between contemporary art and environmental issues.

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