The Roles We Play (2006-2014)

Book (edition of 4000), 2014
/ Travelling exhibition, 2009 - ongoing
/ Website (, 2014
/ 6 films (commission by Joseph Rowntree Foundation), 2015

The Roles We Play, a project done in partnership with ATD Fourth World,  is a series of portraits that explore the roles played by those living in poverty within their families, communities and society at large. The aim is to highlight their efforts, recognise their contribution and challenge the negative attitudes often held towards vulnerable and excluded families in the UK. 
To accompany the exhibition, those appearing in the photographs have written short texts to explain their lives, their hopes and their place in society as seen through their own eyes.
The project (a book, a website, an exhibition and a series of workshops) was launched in 2014 to mark the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion and is currently travelling the UK and Europe.

Please visit the dedicated project website here where you can also access the book.
Books available from the artist and ATD Fourth World.

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